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Sandblasting is also known as abrasive blasting. This procedure is used for cleaning surfaces before painting them. In this method, the surface is shot by an abrasive substance with high velocity.

Sandblasting is effective for a variety of metal substrates such as wrought iron, mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. 

We provide affordable and efficient painting and sandblasting services in Sydney. Sandblasting is a preparatory process done on metal before the application of paint or any other protective coating. 

The process removes layers of paint and rust from a surface. Sandblasting and painting give a new life to your industrial equipment and surfaces.

Call our team today for the renovation of 

  • Cabinets
  • Metal doors
  • Security Screens
  • Car and Motorcycle parts
  • Outdoor Garden Furniture
  • Water and Chemical Tanks
  • Industrial Equipment

Understanding the Sandblasting Benefits

Materials such as glass beads, pumice, and walnut shells help remove sticking impurities. You may even need to use more abrasive material, depending on the surface. Steel grit is also used for preparing surfaces before painting. 

Only a professional sandblasting company in Sydney can select the best media for your project. It is the most crucial step that determines the success of sandblasting. Thus you should hire reliable service providers who have considerable experience in sandblasting.

Sandblasting is a versatile process. It provides many benefits if done before painting. We have enlisted a few of them.

Sandblasting Reinstates Rusty Equipment

Sandblasting is the best way to get rid of rust from your industrial equipment. Oxidation of metals causes damage to your expensive equipment. it also makes the equipment appear worn out and ugly.

Give a new life to your rusty equipment and boost your business productivity. Sandblast and repaint your oxidized commercial equipment.

Sandblasting smooth out uneven surfaces before painting

To give a flawless look to your painted equipment, smooth it out before painting it. Especially if the surface has accumulated coats of paints from previous treatments. In this case, it will become bumpy and rough if painted without sandblasting. 

Sandblasting is a versatile pre-painting procedure. It is applicable on a large variety of domestic and industrial surfaces. 

Sandblasting removes grease and other impurities

Sandblasting is particularly helpful if your equipment has oil, grease, or grime accumulation. Manual cleaning helps remove some grease. Yet, professional sandblasting services are helpful to wipe off stuck-on grease and oils.

Sandblasting does not involve washing surfaces with harsh chemicals. It saves a lot of effort.

Sandblasting is safe and non-toxic

Most cleaning processes involve the use of harsh chemicals. These toxic compounds pose a breathing hazard for people in the surrounding. Sandblasting is a robust cleaning technique that involves only non-toxic materials. 

Sandblasting is a safe process. Most industry-grade equipment will endure it well without getting damaged. Qualified sandblasting and painting service providers ensure that you get what you pay for.

Sandblasting is a Time-Saving Process

The greatest advantage of sandblasting is that it is a fast procedure. You don't need to close your business for days for the purpose of maintenance. Sandblasting immediately removes layers of contaminants accumulated on surfaces over the years.

It means that where conventional cleaning processes may take several hours, sandblasting is a quick fix.

Why is Sandblasting a necessary surface prep before Painting

Professional painting experts always recommend including proper surface prep before painting it. But what's the reason behind it?

When you coat a surface with paint, it fails to adhere if the substrate is not smooth. In the presence of impurities, the paint or finishing coat will come off earlier than expected. Thus we can say that ignoring prep finish before painting is not a great idea.

Perfect surface prep helps improve the look and durability of your equipment.

What is Sandblasting Surface Prep?

Sandblasting and abrasive blasting usually refer to the same process. Abrasive blasting is a wider term in which a variety of abrasives are used.

It is to note that each abrasive has its own unique set of physical and chemical properties. These properties will impact the final results of this process. 

Talk to our sandblasting and painting experts about proper media selection. Our team can handle the most complex and challenging projects.  

Blast Materials Available

Today, different blast media are available for sandblasting procedures. The most frequently use abrasive media are;

  • Silicon Carbide
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Starblast
  • Glass Beads
  • Aluminum Shot
  • Steel Grit
  • Plastic Abrasives
  • Corn Cobs
  • Walnut Shells

These all abrasives are available in different mesh and grit sizes. Using the most suitable ones will produce a flawless finish after painting. 

Blast Methods and Equipment

Different blast materials are useful for specific application requirements. Your project needs and budget determine the suitable blasting procedure. The following equipment is used for various sandblasting goals.

  1. Air Blast Equipment

  2. Centrifugal Wheel Blast Equipment

  3. Blast Cabinets and Portable Units

Surface Cleaning After Blasting

Sandblasting will prepare your substrate for paint or protective coating. It leaves the surface in its raw state. During this period the surface is vulnerable to catching all sorts of impurities. It may also get rusted if left for a longer period.

Thus you should not prolong paint application after sandblasting. You can also make use of rust preventatives for a temporary period.

Get InTouch with our Expert Team

We cater to residential, industrial, and commercial clientele across Sydney. Sandblasting ensures the restoration and preparation of many kinds of surfaces. Before application of paints, consult our experts for sandblasting advice. 

We provide reliable industrial site painting and sandblasting services in Sydney. Our extensive experience covers all industrial and commercial applications. We work on everything from warehouses to industrial equipment. If you are looking for sandblasting and painting services in Sydney, you are in the right place.

Our services cover

  • Distribution and manufacturing plants
  • Sewage and water treatment facilities
  • Large water and chemical storage tanks
  • Industrial equipment

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